What’s in Melissa’s Closet?

Find out here, if you dare…

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Anthology Builder is up and running again!

Choose the stories. Choose the cover art. Make your own custom-made anthology!

Or, if you’d rather, choose from the library of premade anthologies. There’s even a Carpe Libris special!

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10th Anniversary

Whaddaya know- it’s been 10 years since the publication of my novel Between Worlds! To wish my book a Happy Anniversary, read a snippet, and even buy it if you’re so inclined, go here:

Or here: http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/single.php?ISBN=1-55404-283-6

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New stuff from Melissa

“Sea Queen, Sailor Queen” is out in Triangulation: Lost Voices: http://www.amazon.com/Triangulation-Lost-Voices-Jamie-Lackey/dp/0982860676

And “Finding Her Voice” is out in Refractions, Volume 2: http://goldenfleecepress.com/journals/

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Calling all writers!

Have you checked out our “CL Favorites” page? It’s the Dragon’s treasure trove of handy writing resources.

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New Story!

“The Little Wise One” is up at Triptych Tales.

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Daily Science Fiction, August 2014

August 1 “Scents of Life” by Robert Lowell Russell

August 4 “Readymade” by Shannon Fay

August 5 “The Love Letter” by Brynn MacNab

August 6 “A Note to Parents Regarding the Beginning and End of Time Diorama Presentations for Ms. Miller’s Third Grade Class” by Rebecca Schwarz

August 7 “Ghosts of Mars” by Edoardo Albert

August 8 “1:40 A.M.” by Eliza Victoria

August 11 “Cover Letter” by Dani Atkinson

August 12 “Do Not Count the Withered Ones” by Caroline M. Yoachim

August 13 “Sugar and Spice” by Melissa Mead

August 14 “Switch” by Jonathan L. Miller

August 15 “The Story Will Win a Hugo” by James Van Pelt

August 18 “Departure Gate 34B” by Kary English

August 19 “The Turn” by Tara Isabella Burton

August 20 “Time is Money” by John D. Sperry

August 21 “Futures Market” by Mitchell Edgeworth

August 22 “Care and Feeding” by Tim Pratt

August 25 “Dancing” by M. E. Garber

August 26 “The Middle Ones” by J. Spear

August 27 “Changing the Past” by Barton Paul Levenson

August 28 “Good Kids” by Shannon Peavey

August 29 “Cattail Heart” by Kate Heartfield

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