Coming Soon!

Summer ’08:
Jennifer Schwabach’s “An Ordinary Dragon” will appear in the anthology Black Dragon, White Dragon, publication date pending. Her “Hell of an Idea (or the Devil Went Down to Georgia)” will appear soon in From the Asylum

Melissa Mead’s “Stepsister” is currently appearing in Electric Velocipede # 14. Her “Brooding” is now appearing in the current issue of Black Box.

Z.S. Adani’s story, “Tomb”, is now available in Desolate Places.

Jane Chirgwin’s “Nanny” will appear in a forthcoming The First Line. Her “Epilog” will appear in a fothcoming issue of Darwin’s Evolutions.

J. Kathleen Cheney’s “First Day Jitters” is now available in Strange Worlds of Lunacy.

Fall ’08:
J. Kathleen Cheney’s “Taking a Mile” will appear in Writers of the Future XXIV. Her “Masks of War” will be appearing in Fantasy Magazine, September ’08.

Melissa Mead’s “The Fairest of Them All” will appear in Sword and Sorceress XXIII.

Spring ’09:
Jennifer Schwabach’s “Top Five Reasons Not to Rebel Against Your Alien Overlords” will be appearing in Illumen.

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