Melissa’s updated Albacon schedule

Now with more panels! 😉

Friday* 6:00 PM

In A Flash- Laity, Schwabach,Mead, Strock(M) Beverwyck

The challenges and rewards of telling a story in under 1,000 words.

Saturday, 0:00 AM

* Dragons in SF — not fantasy Calkins, Mead, Turzillo(M) AMcCaffrey, Brilliant, Lee Ballroom C/D

What fantasy elements would make good science fiction?

* 5:30 PM

Reading Mead Ten Broeck A.

* 9:00 PM

Dragons, Wizards & Mysterious Islands Brett, SGrotta, Mead, Palmatier(M) Ballroom E

What is it about certain stories, that generates such an avid fan base?

Sunday, *11:00 AM

Implying other languages. Rothman, Schoen(M), Laity, Mead, Sklar Ballroom C/D

Other than sprinkling in apostrophes, how do you make it seem like characters

are speaking other languages? What tricks of syntax and grammar can be used to

make aliens sound alien?

*2:00 PM

The Role of the Afterlife in Fantasy Mead, Sklar(M), Hunt, Palmatier, Brilliant Schuyler

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