The Dragon Is In Again!

Our infamous forked-tongue-in-cheek advice column has reopened.  Have a writing question you want answered? Drop us a scroll!


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5 responses to “The Dragon Is In Again!

  1. kara gnome

    It’s so great to see our scaly friend back again! *Dons fireproof suit*

    How do you build tension into a story? Well, say you have three strong characters, and they all have their own sort of “story,” how do you show these differing story goals and yet keep the tension high?

    Also, and maybe this is a second scroll, but it is tension-related, but how do you supply interesting action when most of the story is people talking?

    Thank you so much for your thoughts on this, I really appreciate it 🙂 *Removes the suit, heh!*

    • carpelibris

      No fireproof suit is needed when you’ve supplied such tasty questions! I’ll pass them along for the dragons to chew on. Thank you!

  2. mgellington

    This is really cool!

    What has helped you learn what to leave in and what to take out concerning back story, details, and the like?

    • carpelibris

      Excellent question! We’ll pass it around the Lair and see what we come up with. Right now we’re posting new questions about every 2 weeks. (It takes us a while to coordinate our answers while still leaving time for writing and LifeStuff.) Part 1 of Kara gnome’s previous question should be going up any time now, and Part 2 after that. Then keep an eye out for yours. Thanks for asking!

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