Coming Soon!

Melissa’s “Electric Company” will be Daily Science Fiction’s story for Tues, January 10th.


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12 responses to “Coming Soon!

  1. lpstribling

    Melissa – another one!? Great job. Every time I find you, you have a new story coming out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. carpelibris

    You’re welcome, and thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Just dropping by to say I loved “Electric Company.” Adorable!

  4. Hi Melissa … just read your story on DSF … wonderful, wonderful, wonderful whimsy!

  5. I just read “Electric Company” and I loved it! That was the first time I ever got teary-eyed over a TV and then thought longingly of of the old set I had as a kid, with the knob to turn the channel! I remember how we used to watch the A-Team together . . sniff . . .

  6. this is writeforfun, still trying to reach carpelibris. Let me know on Gail’s blog if it works

    • carpelibris

      It worked! Feel free to pick my brain here, if you’d like. 😉 Better yet, I’ll start a topic.
      Melissa (AKA the part of Carpe Libris that you’ve been talking to.)

  7. Fantastic!!! I have to go to bed right now, but I’ve got some questions, if you’re really sure you don’t mind, that I’ll ask tomorrow. (By the way, my name is Emma).

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