Support your “Prince!” :)

It’s almost time!

Melissa’s “Frog/Prince” will be up for the vote in Daily Science Fiction’s March Madness soon!

Please stop by- no matter what you vote for, they have lots of great stories available to read.


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3 responses to “Support your “Prince!” :)

  1. carpelibris

    Today’s the day! (Thurs, 3/21)

  2. I loved “Frog/Prince” … then I realized that so many of the fairy tale stories I loved on DailySF were all by Melissa Mead! I’m trying to get in touch with her to see if she has any interest in writing a guest-post/article for the upcoming World Weaver Press #FairyTaleFestival, but couldn’t find a more direct “contact” than leaving a comment. If someone could get back to me at submissions at (our general account) or twitter @worldweaver_wwp — that would be great!

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