A Farewell “Scramble!”

The last Twisted Fairy Tale, “Scramble!”, has gone into the DSF archive. To celebrate the whole set becoming available, here’s a real-life scramble recipe:

Cheesy Scramble Recipe


2 eggs

Approx 1 oz smoked Gruyere or other melty cheese, chopped fine.

Generous pat of butter, or pan-greasing substance of your choice.

Few sprigs each of marjoram, savory, and sage.


Beat the eggs, cheese, and marjoram until blended.

Melt butter in a nonstick pan. Shred/chiffonade the savory and sage and let them cook in the butter for a bit. Turn the heat as low as it will go. Add the egg mixture and stir it and press it with a spatula until the cheese melts + gets thoroughly incorporated. Then turn the heat up toward Medium and cook until the egg sets. Note: This stuff is REALLY rich!

(Yes, I just posted my lunch. I told you this post was cheesy. :))





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