Coming Soon… Daily Science Fiction: “Ballgown Road,” by Melissa. (Yes, Schenectady residents, that is where the inspiration came from. 🙂 )


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  1. Arcadia Mariela Rodriguez-Ruiz

    I just read this piece on DSF. It was intriguing and highly visual. One thing that I thought of, and I am not sure if you had this in mind at all, was that it reminded me a lot of the traditional Cinderella story. How the tree where her mother was buried gave her the dress and slippers for the ball. If you were to explore this idea further, it would be an interesting psychology to explore.

  2. Um, post this one instead: Your story, meh. I’m joking. I enjoyed your story very much. I became an instant feminist the day I looked into my daughter’s tiny face the very day she was born. Up till that day, I was a pro-woman man but seeing my tiny daughter cemented me strongly to what that label of “feminist” should mean (selfish, of course; but poignant to me nonetheless). I love fiction that empowers women and girls–and this is a story I can recommend to my 12-year-old daughter (a brilliant writer) wholheartedly as that kind of piece. Well-done. Your story encapsulates a wonderful feeling in a very short time. Go read my one DSF story…type in my last name: Soto in the search box. Wishing you much success in your future writing endeavors. Paz y suerte, Peace and Luck, Julion Soto

  3. Just read it … what a magnificent testimony to women! 😀 Thank you.

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