Daily Science Fiction Needs YOU!

Daily Science Fiction, home of much of Melissa’s work, needs some reader support. It’s also they’re 10th anniversary, so please consider sending them a present! 🙂


From DSF:

This is from our Facebook page. After this mention, I will not update you or mention this again until 2021: Collecting our tax information (tardy as usual!), we realized two interesting things: One: We’ve been publishing for 10 Years now, as of September 1st. Even in this horror of a year, that is worth noting with pride and with a Quixote-like admiration of all that we’ve accomplished. Maybe especially so. Two: Our 2019 revenues from (voluntary) subscriptions did not get close to covering the money we paid out to authors. Of 14,000 daily email subscribers and 20,000 monthly website visitors, just under 400 contributed financially; around 1%.(reading the stories, submitting your own work, and being part of the community is very much a valued contribution, just not a financial one). We’re not quite a third of the way to a level where DSF can cover its expenses going forward. Even though the membership offering only started in 2019, that’s not the best sign for a ten-year-old publication. There is no imminent change, but at some point in the next year or so we will revisit the question of how long we can continue to fund Daily Science Fiction. If Daily Science Fiction entertains you, makes you think, or adds value to your day, please consider chipping in $15 annually as a member to help keep 260+ short-short (and shorter) SF stories coming each year. https://dailysciencefiction.com/membership
-Michele and Jonathan

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