Seize the Library- write the Books!

Carpe Libris was started by Melissa Mead, Jennifer Schwabach, and Michelle Thuma. They met through the On-line Writer’s Workshop when sponsored by Del-Rey. They wanted to take part in a smaller group of writers specializing in science fiction and fantasy and so decided to form their own group.

Jane Chirgwin joined the group a couple of years later. J. Cheney became the fifth member in 2005, and Ruth J. Burroughs the sixth in 2006. In 2008, we welcomed our newest member, Z. S. Adani. While some other members have come and gone, these writers form the core of the group.

They all wanted a way to offer each other support, critique each other’s work, and grow as writers. The name Carpe Libris and our slogan “Seize the Library–Write the Books!” truly represent the goals of all of our writers.

7 responses to “About

  1. Karen Walcott

    Are you accepting new members?

    • carpelibris

      Well, owing to various Real Life Stuff, the existing group isn’t even very active at the moment! There’s writing going on, but not much formal group activity. I’ll let the gang know you asked, though. Thanks!

    • carpelibris

      Karen, I finally got a chance to check out your website. Congratulations on your upcoming publication!

  2. You should have known with a great story like Melissa’s on Daily Science Fiction you’d be getting publicity. 🙂 And requests to join. Sorry to hear your group is not active.

    • carpelibris

      Well, now I have a swelled head. 😉 Thank you! MM

      I hope someday the whole gang can get past various Real Like Stuff that’s plaguing most of our members lately. Then, who knows?

  3. Melissa, I rated your story Shadow Play (hope I have the title right) on DSF a 7 but think it includes one boo-boo, the word mutilate instead of mutate.
    Check it & see what you think.

    • carpelibris

      It looks like part of your message got cut off…my story is actually “Frog/Prince,” but I’m glad you enjoyed the latest one!

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