CL Favorites

These are a few of our favorite sites:
(Carpe Libris is not responsible for content encountered once you leave this site)


Writing Tips
(What to do, what not to do, and how to say it right)

Ten Mistakes Writer’s Don’t See

Nancy Fulda’s “Beyond the First Two Pages – A Three-Step Guide to Getting Out of the Slush Pile”

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Why Did My Story Get Rejected?”

C.J.Cherryh’s “Writerisms and Other Sins”

C.J.Cherryh’s “Strong Characters vs. Weak Characters”

Vonda N. McIntyre’s “Pitfalls of Writing Science Fiction”

Robert Sawyer’s “Great Beginnings”

Turkey City Lexicon


Market Information

Ralan’s Webstravaganza

Duotrope’s Digest

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Rejections/Acceptances Log

The Black Hole


Critiquing Help and Ideas

Critters (J.’s Personal Favorite)

Other On-Line Critique Pools

Aburt’s “The Diplomatic Critiquer


Useful Information

The Critter’s Library

William Shunn’s “Proper Manuscript Format”

Charlotte Dillon’s “Writing a Query Letter”

Writer’s Portal “World Building Resources”


Agent Information

Agent Query

Preditors and Editors (ratings of various SF agents)

Writer Beware’s Agents Page


Writing Inspiration


Broad Universe

Liberty Hall

Writers of the Future


Writing Articles

Human Exposure to the Vacuum of Space

It Came from the Slush Pile

What Did Historical Swords Weigh?

Real Revolvers Don’t Wear Safeties

Important Dates in Gun History


Convention Listings

Locus Online Convention Listing


Here’s a clever little site that will help calculate postage:

Writer’s Postage Chart

Seriously Funny Stuff
Aaron Schwabach’s “Harry Potter and the Unforgivable Curses” (Thomas Jefferson School of Law)

Green Dragon’s Harry Potter Filk Site

The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam

If I Ever Become the Evil Overlord…

Murphy’s Laws of Combat

Things We Learned at the Movies

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

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