J. Kathleen Cheney


Her novel The Golden City will be coming out from Penguin (Ace) in November 2013.  The Seat of Magic will come out in Spring of 2014.


To Be Announced

Currently Available:

“Of Ambergris, Blood, and Brandy” now available in Abyss & Apex.

“Fleurs du Mal” now available in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

“Snow Comes to Hawk’s Folly” now available in Panverse Two.

“Iron Shoes” now available in Alembical 2.

“Afterimage” now available in Jim Baen’s Universe.

“Early Winter, Near Jenli Village” is now available at Fantasy Magazine.

“The Dragon’s Child” is now available at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

“The Bear Girl” is now available in Wolfsongs, Volume 1.

“Taking a Mile” is appearing in Writers of the Future XXIV, which can now be purchased through  Amazon.  I have also now made it availiable at my website here.

“Masks of War” is now appearing in Fantasy Magazine.

“Touching the Dead” is appearing in The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe II, available now at Amazon.

The Stains of the Past” is currently available on-line at The Sword Review. It is also now available through AnthologyBuilder.

A Hand for Each” is now available in the Shimmer Pirate Issue. The print version of the double-sized magazine is $7, but a subscription to Shimmer is only $17 for four issues…a real bargain! (This story is also now available through AnthologyBuilder)

Touching the Dead” can be found in the June ’07 issue of Baen’s Universe. To read the full story, you can buy the current issue for $6, or a subscription for $30.

First Day Jitters” is now available in the anthology Strange Lands of Lunacy, through Lulu.

I have a few short stories that are in circulation, and will post accordingly as soon as they become available.

J. Kathleen Cheney’s Web-site

J. Kathleen Cheney’s Blog

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