Jane’s Folly

What is a Folly?

I encountered the word “folly” for the first time in the book 101 Dalmations.  The big creepy mansion has a wall around it, and attached to the wall, jutting out from it, is a five story stone tower.  A winding stair spirals upward through rooms full of broken furniture.  The De Ville who bought the old farmhouse was planning to tear it down and build a castle, and he’d started with the wall and folly.  At the end of the story, the Dearly’s buy the place, and I can imagine they fixed up the folly as well.  I wanted to have that kind of getaway, a tower with windows looking out, a defendable sanctuary of creativity.

I plan on gathering creativity  of many kinds.  I will show off projects of many kinds from many kinds of people.  I will review books, articles and other resources for being creative for fun and for pay.

My blog is  Jane’s Folly.  I’d appreciate advice and suggestions!

4 responses to “Jane’s Folly

  1. I think I will set this up as its own word-press site, since the original creator of our writing group’s website has yet to contact me, making me feel a tad uncomfortable with any more messing around on here.

  2. Jane, I sent you an e-mail on the 11th, so I’m not sure where it went (Jennifer was included on it, so she can verify that). I have no problem with your setting hits up here, or spearately.

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