Jennifer Schwabach

Jennifer supported the Nothing but Nets charity, which provides mosquito netting for children in malaria prone parts of the world.  If you’re interested in honoring her with a donation, you can find their website here.


Her drabble “Inevitable” won an Honorable Mention in the 9th Annual Drabbler Contest and is available in The Drabbler.  Beyond Centauri had an entire page devoted to Jennifer’s poetry. Issues of The Drabbler and Beyond Centauri can be purchased here: Hiareth Publishing
Check out Jennifer’s books, both from Double Dragon Publishing, CURSE’S CAPTIVE and DARK WINTER.

These books are available through Double Dragon Publishing. Just click on the picture to go to their product pages.



Jennifer Schwabach sold her first story in 1995 to Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine. Following that, she had a bit of a dry spell, not so much not writing as she was going to graduate school and what she was writing was not exactly Hugo material.

She broke back into fiction in 2001 and since then sold more than four dozen stories and poems to markets including Speculon, Oceans of the Mind, Beyond Centauri, Aoife’s Kiss, and Dreams & Nightmares (among others).

Like Jeannette, she was a graduate of James Gunn’s Writers’ Workshop in Science Fiction and credited him with giving her what he calls “that final push to get published”.

Check out some of Jennifer’s work at these locations:

Blue Glass Music
On A Clear Day
Youth, Inc.

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  2. Yes, Jenny, rest in peace. Thanks for your help, support, and friendship. –Ralan

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